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Partnering with Topmotive, the project was directed towards serving the “Verband des Kfz-Gewerbes Schleswig Holstein”, with a focus on delivering tailor-made solutions for the automotive sector. The overall goal was developing a translation tool specifically for automotive apprentices, enhancing their learning experience by translating specialized terms. The tool was also designed to facilitate quicker and more accurate understanding of complex automotive concepts, making it an indispensable resource for apprentices.



Before the project, there was no tool available that catered to the specific translation needs of automotive terms for apprentices.

Solution approach

Utilized Angular for front-end and Nest.js for back-end development, with MongoDB for database management, focusing on a robust and scalable application architecture. This technical stack was selected for its ability to facilitate a responsive, user-friendly interface and ensure a smooth, real-time translation experience for users.



Implemented Octopus and Azure DevOps for automating deployments and managing certificates, streamlining the development process for efficiency and security. These tools enabled continuous integration and delivery, allowing the team to quickly iterate on feedback and deploy updates, enhancing both the reliability and security of the application.


Objectives Achieved:
Both Topmotive and the client expressed satisfaction with the kfz-translator, fulfilling the project’s goals without specific user statistics for measurement, yet.

Clients perspective

Stefan Schneider
Member of the Executive Board, DVSE GmbH / TOPMOTIVE

“In projects such as the translation tool kfz-translator, the job platform Schrauberjobs or our garage management system tmERIK, we have repeatedly been able to convince ourselves of the high performance and commitment of devspire employees.”